SUMMARY: HSSDC port on a 280R

From: Randy Romero <>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 10:21:04 EST
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> Sun Managers,
>     Maybe someone out there can help me.  I have a 280R and would like to
> know exactly what the rear channel FC-AL adapter on the back of the
> machine could be used for.
> Sun's site says:
> Internal FC-AL Support: The Sun Fire 280R system itself supports a single
> FC-AL loop that includes the FC-Al back panel port and the internal disk
> drives. Both system internal drives plug into a single internal Fibre
> Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC- AL) controlled backplane that supports speeds
> up to 106 Mbytes per second. The system's rear panel FC-AL port has a
> copper High Speed Serial Data connector (HSSDC) that is included in the
> system's single loop.
> My question is.....what could you use the HSSDC port for?  What devices
> would a person attach to it?  Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question,
> but when I was asked, I didn't know how to answer it.
> It has been my experience that you need a PCI FCAL card to add a A5xxx
> disk array and that there are 2 different types.  The difference in the
> PCI cards are whether you use them on a SAN switch or not. So exactly what
> good is the HSSDC port?  What equipment if any is out there that can be
> used on it?  Thanks in advance.  Will Summerize.


Sun sells a FC-AL version of their multipack, called the MultiPack-FC,
which allows one to put up to six additional FC-AL disks on the HSSDC
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