SUMMARY: Is there a size limit on files to be zipped or bzip2ed?

From: Mark Harrington <>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 10:35:39 EST
Thanks to everyone for the quick helpful responses.

The gzip, bzip2 and zip binaries that ship with Solaris 8 are not
compatible files larger than 2GB.  To check which binaries are: man
largefiles (Rene Occelli).

Three valid solutions to my problem were presented:
1) Get new versions of the utilities
gzip 1.3.2 is compatible (thanks Joe Fletcher)
   - Source from

bzip2 1.0.1 is compatible (thanks Cyril Pilsko)
   - Binaries form

2) Trick the old utilities
(Warning: I have not had time to verify the compressed file, but they
ran fine)

Justine Stringfellow:
cat <file> | bzip2 >
cat <file> | zip >

Casper Dik:
bzip2 < file > file.bz2

3) use "split"
Several people ...

Thanks for all your help,
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