SUMMARY: Alerting Users via a bell

From: <>
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 11:33:21 EST

Thanks to all those who responded (and there where a lot of you!). 
However, the vast majority of responses were incorrect.  Most people 
suggested variations on echo \a.  None of these variations work (including 
specifying the echo, i.e. /usr/bin/echo), no matter how many quotes, 
escape characters or different shells that you use.  I am still unclear 
why this is so, especially as this is specifically given as the behaviour 
in the manual pages for /usr/bin/echo \a!! 

However, the solutions that did work were:- 

a)  Typing echo [CTRL-v][CTRL-g].  I don't like this solution though as it 
is hard to read in a script and can cause problems for people who have to 
edit the files in future.  It was interesting to note that though this 
works [CTRL-g] on the keyboard alone does not! 

b)  David McNeill and Ed Rollison suggested printf "\a" which does work 
for me. 

c)  Carl Ma,   suggests tput bel, which is the form I finally decided to 
go with. 

I can only guess that /usr/bin/echo is not working because somewhere the 
terminal settings are being modified to prevent the echo \a from working. 

Thanks again, 

Bernard McAuley,
Mindspeed Technologies 


I've been writing a script and after the script has completed I want my 
attention drawn to it by having a beep sound.  Unfortunately, try as I 
might I can't get my terminal to give me a beep.  Other desktop features 
and the margin bell feature work, but if I run echo \a, all I get returned 

is 'a', and no beep.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Bernard McAuley,
Mindspeed Technologies
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