SUMMARY: Printing Issue

From: opeth <>
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 22:20:06 EST
I never got the problem solved. I ended up resurrecting their old drive
enough to the point where I could clone it to another drive. Once I brought
that up everything was happy since it had the original printing
configuration for that machine.

Suggestions I received from people:
1) Check /etc/printcap

2) After cloning, update:

3) Restart the printing system after changes:
/etc/init.d/lp stop
/etc/init.d/lp start

4) What does lpstat -a and lpstat -t show?

5) Dig around in /etc/lp

6) Run admintool and check printer config out in there

7) Remove printer and re-create it:
lpadmin -x $PRINTERNAME

Special thanks to Mike Kail, Richard Marham and Roy Rapoport for trying to
help me through my problem and utter ignorance. :)

Conclusion: I don't know squat about System V printing. ;)

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