SUMMARY: oracle 9i install on enterprise

From: Elaine . <>
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 11:07:06 EST
 Thanks to Frank Smith for this, and to all those
offering advice along similar lines -

login to the workstation
> xhost + hostname_of_3500  (I"m assuming the
> workstation is
> running CDE or some other flavor of Xwindows)
> login to the 3500 (from the workstation if you want)
> set the DISPLAY environment variable to point to the
> workstation
> (to test, type 'xterm', if an xterm window pops up
> on the
> workstation all is well, if not, you need to fix it)
> start the Oracle installer, and the GUI will be
> displayed
> on the workstation.
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