SUMMARY:Ethernet- what is the current setting for duplex / speed?

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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 18:06:06 EST
Thanks to Michael, Steve, Jay, Graham, Marion, Don, Sean, Brett and
everyone else who responded with an answer.

To summarize: How to tell what ethernet seetings you have:

1. THE NDD WAY: "ndd /dev/hme \?" will give a list of variables, and ndd
/dev/hme variable-name will return the value. if link_speed = 1, you are
running 100Mb/s, if      link_speed=0, you are running 10mb/s. Likewise,
link_mode=1 means full duplex, link_mode=0 means half duplex.

2. THE DMESG WAY: dmesg | grep hme  will give Human readable output as to
link speed and mode.

3. THE SNEAKY WAY: netstat -k hme0 The undocumented netstat -k gives a
wealth of info similar to 'server_netstat mover_name -i' on an EMC Celerra.
This is my new      favorite command.

Also, I have many shell scripts which were passed on to me to automate and
parse the above commands. Email if you'd like more info.

Thanks Again,

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