SUMMARY: Where did SUNW come from?

From: Don Werve <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 18:17:20 EST
I received a flood of email after posting this; apparently I'm not the only 
one who has wondered about the origins of Sun's stock symbol.  Many 
suggestions, even more theories, a pile of helpful information, two posts
informing me of my status as a complete and total moron, one request to take
it to USENET, and an offer to "$$$MAKE MONEY FAST$$$LEGALLY$$$".

Here is the summary of theories of where 'SUNW' came from:

- Nobody knows; the secret is hidden in a lost pyramid in Egypt.

- The company was originally to be called "Sun Workstations", but changed 
  its name early on to avoid the appearance of being limited to a very tiny
  niche market (to the now familiar "Sun Microsystems").

- Stanford University Networking (where it all bean).

- The headquarters is on the west cost, so "SUNW" == "SUNW(est)".

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