SUMMARY: Anti-Virus Software

From: Vern Walls <>
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 16:13:30 EST
Since I've now received over 30 responses to my question about anti-virus software for Sun servers, I figure its about time to put out the summary.  <grin>

I also want, once again, to Thank everyone for the time and responses. Getting 30+ responses in less than 24 hours is really appreciated!

Here's the original question:
Last time I checked, there really wasn't any anti virus software
available for Solaris itself, merely attachments/modules for specific
applications. IS this still the case or does any one know
of any anti-virus desktop-like software similar to McAfee or Norton
Windows offerings?

The responses:
Almost everyone pointed out the fact that they are no known actual UNIX viruses (virii?), only Windows type virus that can be in e-mails bound for users' desktops via sendmail, or a few http based versions. This was the answer as I suspected was true and was trying to re-confirm. However, there were several recommendations of products for the sendmail/http applications to catch the aforementioned Windows-based virii, so I will tabulate those:
7  TrendMicro/
9  sophos
4  McAfee/uvscan
1 each for tripwire, VFfind/cyber, and amavis

Again - thanks to everyone for the quick responses. As usual, this list comes shining thru. 

Have a Great Day!!!

                     --- Vern Walls
                         Parsons I.S./Perot Systems
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