SUMMARY: 32 Bit Apps On Solaris 8

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 12:26:15 EST
Thanks to Graham, Ed Rolison, Doug Otto, Mark Cohen, Paul Foti, Joe 
Fletcher, Dik Casper, et al....

I am an HP-UX guy filling in for the vacationing Sun admin so I appreciate 
the help!

One of my applications groups has a 32 bit application they need to run
on a Solaris 8 system.  Is this compatible?  If so, do I need to make any 
special accomodations for the application to run on a Solaris 8 domain?


-  Solaris 8 is 32bit out of the box..

That being said, even if you are running in 64bit mode, its 32bit
compatible.. You don't need to do anything.

-  I have apps running in 32 bit mode on two of my systems.  Below is some 
more info.

Booting the 32-bit Kernel
Logged in as root, open a terminal window and type in the following:
# su -
# cd /
# halt -y
The machine will result in something similar to this:
syncing file systems... done
Program terminated
{2} ok
At this "ok" prompt type in the following:
{2} ok boot kadb -D kernel/unix
The machine will reboot at this point. Login as root after the reboot.
up a terminal window and type in the following:
# su -
# cd /
# eeprom boot-file=kernel/unix
# reboot


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