Summary: VPN Solution

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 12:30:03 EST
ANSWER:  Get a VPN dedicated device, like Cisco's VPN Concentrator 3000
The Cisco PIX can do the job of terminating the VPN tunnel and can hold
a few encrypted logins.

Some Suggestions:
Use Checkpoint Firewall on Solaris
Use a PIX and LDAP for auth
Suns aren't firewalls, use a firewall
Use a PIX and Radius
Use Cisco VPN 3000 series

I have a lot of reading to do.  We already are testing LDAP and TACACS.
I would like to get more educated on Radius since I am really not sure
what it is.  LDAP is very attractive in this case since, it seems, I can
use the same logins for the rest of the systems on the PIX.  The ideal
solution seems to be getting a VPN Concentrator 3000 and the Unified
client from Cisco (have to put those on the wish list).  Bottom line is
that the equipment we have (PIX) is able to do the job.  It is just a
matter of getting the configs.

Thanks to everyone who help out:
Nagendra Prasad
Ger Lawlor
Al Hopper
James Fogg
Chris Smith
Vlade Ristevski

Dave Baldwin

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From: David Baldwin
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Subject: VPN Solution

I am trying to pinpoint what the best solution would be to allow access
to the inside from the outside.
Currently we have a pix firewall filtering packets separating inside and
Where I am having trouble is with the whole VPN concept.
Do I need a VPN server to do this?  If I do I would like for it to be a
Sun solution.
It looks like it might be possible to terminate the VPN tunnel at the
pix and that would allow for both Win2k and Unices clients to connect
using pptp.  But, then, how would clients get an IP?  So far, the
documentation found has not been sufficient.
Would I use SunScreen/DHCP to deal out IPs to clients?  Will that work
for all clients?

If anyone can tell me which doc to read to make this process clear or
has some pointers that can help, I would be grateful.

Sorry if this is a little off topic, I wasn't sure where to start and I
know I would like to use Sun if possible.

Dave Baldwin
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