SUMMARY: Performance Monitoring On SUN Systems

From: Scott Pham <>
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 10:18:44 EST
Thanks guys for countless number of responses. Sorry I'm not going to
list all the names that responded due to the fact that I will be
neglecting the others that I forget :p. Here is the summary of all the
responses I've recieved. I'm not exactly sure which package i'm going to
use, but I will try them all to see which one's work best. Big Brother Big Sister (Rewrite of Big Brother) mrtg PerfGraph SE Toolkit and Orca ( This looks like what
I'm looking for ) for
rrdtool Works with Orca

Sar is SUN's Native Performance montior but doesn't have networking.
(man sar will get you more info Sarge Netsaint

hp openview

Most of the freeware packages seem to be able to intergrate together
fairly easy. Thanks a million for all the people that responded. I lvoe
this list !!!

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