SUMMARY:in.named: symbol __res_dnok: referenced

From: <>
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 20:21:16 EST
Dear Sun Managers,

Apparently, the file was changed two days ago.  Restored
from backup and restarted the in.named daemon without any problems.

Special thanks to Casper Dik and Ger Lawlor for pointing me in the right

Original question below.

>>Dear Sun Managers,
>>I'm having problems with my DNS server on my Ultra 2,
>>Solaris 2.6 patch level 26. Two days ago, the in.named
>>was starting properly at boot time. Now, I get the
>>following error msg when the daemon is started at boot
>>or prompt:
>># /usr/sbin/in.named
>> /usr/sbin/in.named: fatal relocation error:
>>file /usr/sbin/in.named: symbol __res_dnok: referenced
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