SUMMARY: Netra Drives - Part Request

From: Reichert, Alan <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 13:08:39 EST
The original question:

> A few months I queried the group on putting drives larger than
> 18G into a Netra t1 105.  Many replied they had successfully
> put 36G drives in these systems.
> Per chance could any of you who did so send me the part numbers
> I'll need to do this so I don't play the game called "Returning
> the Wrong Parts"?

Rather amusing that I got two responses before I saw my own post come
across the list.  :-)

Thanks to Hichael Morton and Thomas Holliday.  They sent along the
following links:

The second one shows a part number for a 36G drive for Netras, but
further search on their web site comes up empty.  I've directed a query
at them for more info on the drive.

Thanks, all.

- Alan
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