external disk pack problem SUMMARY

From: Moughan,Laurence <laurence.moughan_at_factore.net>
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 04:30:42 EST
HI All,

Thanks the info, re having to use devfsadm on sol 8 in place of

Issue proved to be a simple cabling fault however, although much was learnt
in the faultfinding process, and to this, would anyone have a good document
or know the source of a good document on OBP commands ???

Thanks Again to all ( Tony, Peter, Justin )


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Subject: external disk pack problem

Hi All,

i have an issue getting the disks in an external scsi connected disk array
to be recognised. connecting to a U10, sol 8 latest patch.

run drvconfig, and disks and i get no /dev/dsk/c*t*d*s* created for the four
disks in the pack. ( hence nor in format ! obviously)

Have tried changing scsi card, cable and even disk pack !!! 

Any clues ???


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