SUMMARY: SDLT1 st.conf parameters

From: Spiro Harvey <>
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 15:04:58 EST
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sometime last year I posted a query asking for st.conf settings for a
Super DLT 110/220gb tape drive...

this year I've had a couple of requests for the info making me realise I
forgot to post a summary. so please accept my humblest apologies for being
a complete slacker.....

The drive, although marketed as a Tandburg SuperDLT drive, is actually
made by Quantum. That is why looking on Tandburgs site (at the time I did
my initial searches in any case) yielded no results..

the manual which I never got with mine is here:

it's 380 odd pages and 1.5mb. 

the most useful document is at:

25k, 5 pages. it contains a tutorial which shows what all the parameters
do so that you can tweak compression ratios, etc.

very nice doc.

the st.conf parameters for quick reference are:

"TANDBERGSuperDLT1", "Quantum SuperDLT1", SDLT-data";
SDLT-data =     1,0x38,0,0x8639,4,0x90,0x91,0x90,0x91,3;

name="st" class="scsi"
        target=x lun=y;

change the x and y params for target and lun, and then either reboot, or
run drvconfig and tapes and you're in business.

it's outlined in the 5 page pdf. it's well worth the read and will give
you settings for all DLT drives, not just the SDLT. it's worth printing
out and keeping with your docs.

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