[SUMMARY] <UPDATE> Patch 109077-05 disabled DHCP (utadm/dhcpconfig) (fwd)

From: David Foster <foster_at_dim.ucsd.edu>
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 13:38:31 EST
Just wanted to update my summary, since Sun now officially acknowledges
that the DHCP patch 109077-05 should not be installed on systems running
Solaris 8 Update 4 or earlier. They are currently fixing the patch.

My previous summary and original post are below.

Dave Foster

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 15:29:03 -0800
From: Walter Pezzini <walter.pezzini@sun.com>
To: dfoster@ucsd.edu
CC: Gerry Haskins - Software Engineering Manager <Gerry.Haskins@sun.com>, 
Subject: Re: [SUMMARY] Patch 109077-05 disabled DHCP (utadm/dhcpconfig) (fwd)


my name is Walter Pezzini and I work for the Solaris Internet Sustaining Group
in Sun Microsystems.

We acknowledge the problem that you describe below.
A new bug has been filed today against it.
The patch will be fixed.
We are sorry for the inconveniences this bug caused you.

The patch was unfortunately tested and validated on systems
with Solaris 8 update 5 or later installed, and in that case the
problem you describe does not appear.

Thank you.
Walter Pezzini
Sun Microsystems, Inc.


 To:      sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org
 From:    David Foster <foster@dim.ucsd.edu>
 Subject: [SUMMARY] Patch 109077-05 disabled DHCP (utadm/dhcpconfig)

 Sorry, forgot to add [SUMMARY] to the Subject: line.
 It's Friday, can I go home now??

  Platform: SunOS eggshell 5.8 Generic_108528-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80
     Solaris 8 (2/00)

  Problem: Applying patch 109077-05 disables DHCP services (config
     files no longer in expected format)

  Please see my original question below for details of what this
  patch did to my system. This is a Sunray server so it was urgent
  that I get DHCP working again. As I said in my original post, the
  patch did not backup files so backing out the patch wasn't an option
  (I did NOT use the -d option to patchadd!).

  I received confirmation from Casper Dik that this is inappropriate
  behavior for a patch. It should have at least failed to install.
  Casper suggested that I might need to upgrade to Solaris 8 10/01,
  as this version updates several other packages that the patched
  DHCP requires.

  Nick Murray provided me with a fix, and pointed out that the new
  dhcpmgr has a cool import/export function to allow you to exchange
  data between DHCP implementations, but it won't support older formats
  and the older version of dhcpmgr does not have the export function so
  this wouldn't even be an option.

  For the short term, I did the following to re-enable DHCP for
  our Sunray network:

    1) Remove Sunray interfaces:  utadm -r

    2) Rename /var/dhcp so utadm can reconfigure DHCP from scratch
       (otherwise you get an internal error because the old files
       are in an incompatible format)

    3) Reconfigure the Sunray network interface and DHCP:

           utadm -a qfe0

    4) Run dhcpconfig to finally configure DHCP

  My long-term solution is to upgrade our system to Solaris 8 10/01
  and then re-install this patch. The Sunrays are working but I think
  the upgrade will make things more consistent so we don't get bitten
  down the road. I'll then use dhcpmgr to re-enable our local LAN
  DHCP service.

  Extra special thanks to Nick Murray for going out of his way,
  and thanks to Casper Dik.


  Platform: SunOS eggshell 5.8 Generic_108528-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80
     Solaris 8 (2/00)
  Problem: Applying patch 109077-05 disables DHCP services (config
     files no longer in expected format)
  I'm using this system as a Sunray server, so it's using DHCP
  for the Sunrays. I've had some problems using DHCP to provide
  public addresses for our LAN (not providing default router), so I
  applied DHCP patch 109077-05 (Dec 18, 2001) in the hopes it would help.
  Well, turns out it disables DHCP completely. Not only does DHCP
  expect the configuration file which used to be /etc/default/dhcp to
  be at /etc/inet/dhcpsvc.conf, but it seems to expect a completely
  different format, with delimiter [TAB] replaced by '|' and the fields in a
  different order. I've tried modifying my existing files but haven't
  got it to work. To make matters worse, the patch apparently thought
  it was overwriting packages of the same version, so it didn't bother
  to save the original files. This patch is dated Dec 18 2001, so it
  is not possible that the existing DHCP packages on my system were
  the same version.
  There is NOTHING in the "Special Installation Instructions" about
  how to rectify this. At the beginning of the patch README there is
  a vague warning that you should contact your Sun rep if you are not
  familiar with DHCP configuration. It also states that there is a
  "new configuration file" and startup script (which incidentally
  won't start up DHCP without this config file), but provides no
  more information.
  So take this as a warning...do not apply this patch as it will
  disable your DHCP services. The lack of helpful information in
  the patch README is an example of supreme laziness on Sun's part,
  Attached are copies of my original configuration files in case
  that helps anyone decipher this.
  Dave Foster
   David Foster    National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
    Programmer/Analyst     University of California, San Diego
    dfoster@ucsd.edu       Department of Neuroscience, Mail 0608
    (858) 534-7968         http://ncmir.ucsd.edu/
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