SUMMARY: Looking for patch/driver file for Netra X1

From: Robert P. Weaver <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 22:42:54 EST
    Thanks to Richard J. Buchman, Mark Cain, Peter Stokes, and Stephen Hickey
for their prompt responses.  The simple answer is:

If you want to know how to get there:

      > Solutions  (from the lsft hand, blue menu)
         > Sun Solutions (on right hand side of page)
            > Software Drivers (from the Netra X1 listing)

The most embarrasing answer was from one of my (much younger) colleagues who,
after hearing my tale of woe, said distainfully "don't use Sun's search engine,
use google" and proceeded to find it this way in about 30 seconds.

My original question:

> I am trying to re-install Solaris 8 on some Netra-X1s.
> According to the User manual I need a collection of
> patches and drivers from Sun with the name:
> (although there may be a leter version by now). The
> manual says this file is available by going to
> "" and "in the 'Downloads' section,
> click on 'Netra X1 Software Drivers'". Of course
> when I look there, I don't see any such section
> or category.
> Can anyone point me to the real location for this file?
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