Summary: Fiber Channel HBAs in a SAN Fabric

From: Kevin Van Der Hart <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 10:28:38 EST
Thanks to the following for there quick replies.

Michael Kalus
Daniel Weigert
Gary Losito
Craig Leikis
Johan Hartzen
Fredrik Robertsson
Mike DeMarco
Cyril Plisko
Andrew McVey
Richard Place

Many of them told me that the Sun cards do not support fabric connections. 
While this is true of the ISP2100 card, the new ISP2200 card which I am 
using does support fabric connections as well as loops. Andrew McVey 
reminded me to use the switchshow command on the Brocade switches and it 
will tell you what type of connection is being made. The switches do show a 
fabric connection so my problem is not with the HBA cards as I had 
expected. My original problem of not seeing the LUNs from the server has 
not been fixed yet. Several of you also mentioned the sd.conf file which 
has also been configured per Hitachi specs. If anyone has any additional 
ideas I would be very grateful.

Thanks again.

Kevin Van Der Hart
Systems Administrator
Vermeer Mfg Co

Original Message:

>Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:55:44 -0600
>From: Kevin Van Der Hart <>
>Subject: Fiber Channel HBAs in a SAN Fabric
>I have 2 V880 servers, fully patched, attached to 4 Hitachi Thunder 9200's 
>through a couple of Brocade Silkworm 2400 SAN switches. The servers are 
>unable to see the storage. The Hitachi SE has verified the SAN switch 
>configuration and says that it is good. I attached a 9200 directly to the 
>server, switched the 9200 from point-to-point mode to arbitrated-loop and 
>the server could see the storage. Does anyone know how to tell if the Sun 
>HBA cards, X6799A, are in arbitrated-loop mode, point-to-point mode or if 
>they auto-sense? If they don't auto-sense, how do you set the mode for 
>each of the cards? Does anyone have any other suggestions for this problem?
>Thanks for any responses and I will summarize if I get responses.
>Kevin Van Der Hart
>Systems Administrator
>Vermeer Mfg Co
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