SUMMARY: E250 vs U10

From: Jayashankar Nelamane Srinivasarao <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 00:01:28 EST
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A great list! indeed. This was my first posting to the list, although I have
subscribed to this
list of 3 years. Thanks a lot

Here are the results of our analysis of the E250s vs U10. There is a
difference in the
processor speeds of the E250 and U10. The E250 has a 400MHZ UltrasparcII
processor, whereas
the U10 has a 440MHZ UltrasparcIIi processor. THe U10 we are using has the
X7038A 2x 128MB DIMMS @ 50ns. That is it has a memory which has 50ns speed,
but the
E250 is clocked at 60ns. The E250 is SMP capable and could work better when
acting as
a server, than as a workstaion.(We use the machine as a workstation). The
differences in
the Harddisk(SCSI vs IDE) is not significant in this context. The E250 has a
color depth of 24bit
but the U10 has the color depth of 8 bit.

So we felt that the Architecture(UltrasparcII and UltrasparcIIi),CPU Speed
difference(400 and 440),
the memory speed(50ns vs 60ns), are the factors affecting our speed.

More info on UltrasparcII and UltrasparcIIi was pointed out by Troy
Abernathy []
This should provide all possible information you need to know:

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> > Hi Sun-managers
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> > We have in our environment a setup, consisting of U10 and  E250's.
    The U10 are with 9GBHDD/512MB memory. The E250's are 18GB HDD/1GB
    We have installed Solaris 8 and anelement manager application. Both the
setups are similar.
    We are using this for testing the software.since our use is continuous
    the execution time it takes is important.
 >  However we are finding that the E250 is taking more time than U10 for
> > running the same tests on the > > same equipment.
> >
> > Can anyone share any info if, they are facing similar and if > any
> > Also if there is any general comparison info or pointers E250 vs U10 it
would be
> > helpful.
> >
> > Thanks in Advance
> > I will summarise.
> >
> > Regards
> > Jay
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Smile! It increases your face value.

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