SUMMARY: Jumpstart Question

From: Randy Romero <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 11:49:35 EST
   Thanks for all the responses!  It turns out I needed to use the -p
option when running the add_install_client command.  However, it strikes
me as strange that the Netras I built only days earlier installed no
problem and I didn't use the -p option.  That's for another thread I

My syntax to get everything working was:
 ./add_install_client -c server1:/jumpstart -p server1:/jumpstart -s
server1:/export/install sunfire1 SUNW,Sun-Fire-280R

server1 is my boot & installation server.

Thanks to:
Casper Dik
Ryanczak, Matthew
McMurtrey, Thomas
Angel Rivera
Brad Parks

Randy Romero

Original Post Below:


Hardware: Sun-Fire-280R
OS:	Solaris 8

   In a bit of a bind.  We just got 5 new 280Rs in and I need to jumpstart
them.  I have a jumpstart server in which I can "install" the servers
from.  I created a new rule to correspond to the new machines I want to
install.  However, when it begins the install it doesn't seem to be using
the sysidcfg file at all.  It starts out as if I am installing from the cd
with all the standard questions.   Is there a reason it would bypass the
sysidcfg file?  Much thanks in advance.  Will summerize!

Randy Romero
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