SUMMARY: Book review wanted (Solaris Guide for Windows NT Administrators book)

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 17:34:07 EST
Folks -

As usual, the list comes thru and quickly.  The very short summary is
that we'll pass on this particular book as it likely won't help us with
our OS/2 to Solaris issues.

My original post:
> As some of you may recall, we're the group transitioning from
> OS/2 to Solaris, and there has been some interest in the book
> from Sun "Solaris Guide for Windows NT Administrators book"
> ( especially
> since OS/2 and Windows are derived from the same roots.
> Has anyone read it?  Comments on it's applicability for OS/2 folks?

David Gladstone wrote:
|| ive read it.
|| its ok
|| nothing too spectacular

Andrew Rotramel said:
|| I thought it was a good read, and a good way to introduce Window's admins to
|| Solaris. I have administered both, and found the biggest difference is the
|| following:
|| Windows shares resources to people
|| Unix shares resources to hardware

Jason Jin contributed:
|| As a Sr. Unix system administrtor, I have works with Solaris
|| for the past 7 years. I find the "Solaris Guide for Windows NT 
|| Administrators book" is a generally good book for beginers.
|| except it cover most areas only briefly. 
|| there's two excellent book if you want to learn more
|| and get a better understanding of how unix(or solaris)system works,:
|| UNIX System Administration Handbook, 3rd edition 
||                            by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott
||                            Seebass, Trent R. Hein
|| and 
|| Essential System Administration 
||                            by Aeleen Frisch
|| both available from, the writing style are easy to follow.
|| hope this helps,.
(Both books are on my wish list.)

And Christian J Hedemark noted:
|| I am an OS polyglot.  OS/2 and NT may have come from common background but
|| they are very different today.  In order for a guide like this to be
|| effective, I'd have to think you would end up having to learn two OS's at
|| once.
|| I think one of the easiest paths into UNIX administration is to load Linux
|| on an old PC as there is a plethora of free and easily readable
|| documentation out there under the Linux Documentation Project.  Once you
|| feel comfortable in Linux, Solaris is an easy step away.  Most of your
|| frustration then will be in getting Solaris fixed up to do the things that
|| Linux does out of the box.  ;-)

We've actually have done that (and I actually have rusty Solaris experience).

Thanks again,
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