Summary: User setup question

From: Wesley Suess <>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 17:25:30 EST
Thanks to all the SunManagers who responded so quickly! You guys are

Anyway, here's a quick summary (my original message is quoted below):

Most people suggested using rksh. One or two people mentioned
/usr/lib/rsh which is functionally very similary to rksh. Both will keep

user Foo in the /export/home/Foo directory, but will not allow the user
to create new directories or go into the directories under

I got a suggection to use ACls. I'm looking at my books and man pages
now to se how I can set this up to my satisfaction...

The solution of using rksh is what I'm going to use for now until I
figure out how to ustilise ACLs effectively.

Thanks again to those who helped out so quickly!


> I have a user which I want to keep under a particular directory... How

> can I restrict their movement within the file system/directory
> so they can not go outside of their home directory...
> Example: User Foo has his home directory in /export/home/Foo... I
> want the user to be able to cd to /export or /export/home or even /
> Thanks,
> Wes

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