Summary: 420R to 280R

From: Fletcher, Joe <>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 08:06:24 EST

This is a no-go. As Tony Walsh reminded me the 280Rs use FCAL internal disks
compared with the SCA efforts in the 420R. I knew I was forgetting something

I'm considering just shifting the application disks (A1000 arrays) instead.

Thanks also to Justin Stringfellow and Adrian Terranova for their replies.



Suppose I have an E420R, Sol8 patched upto date with 2x18Gb internal sys
disks. If I were to pull those disks and stick them in a SUNfire 280R, then
licensing issues aside could I reasonably expect the 280 to boot and get on
with things? I'd probably also move all the 
SCSI/QFE adapters into the 280R as well so I'd expect a certain amount of
reconfiguration would be required.

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