Summary expanded: FTP only access

From: John Tan <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 18:15:17 EST

I had a few more replies to my question (thanks to all who replied) and a
few people asking for more details to the quick summary I posted yesterday.
Since I was not able to find a good summary in the archives myself before
asking my question, I shall now post a better one than what I did yesterday.

The clearest of the solutions I received was from Sean Berry, so I shall
quote from his email in my reply.

o  Create a link to /bin/false.
	In -s /bin/false /bin/ftponly
o  Add /bin/ftponly to /etc/shells.
	echo /bin/ftponly >> /etc/shells

(Sean recommends that we do not use /bin/false in /etc/shells directly,
since /bin/false is also used to lock out accounts.  Hence the symbolic
link.  You can pick a different name, I used /bin/ftponly in this example
since this name sounds obvious.)

o  Create a user account, changing the shell to be /bin/ftponly.
	passwd -e /bin/ftponly <user_account>

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> Subject:	Summary: FTP only access
> Thank you, Sean Berry, David Foster and Chris Cariffe.  The solution was
> simple.  Have /bin/false noted in /etc/shells.
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> From: 	John Tan  
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> Subject:	FTP only access
> Hi.
> I'm trying to create a user account, the user to only have ftp access to
> my particular box.  I remember having read that this is achieved by
> setting the user's shell to /bin/false, but this did not work when I tried
> it.
> Could somebody please help me get this right?  Thanks.
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