SUMMARY: Unreliable Netra X1

From: Borja Marcos <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 10:55:34 EST
=09Thank you very much for the answers. There were some answers about=20
"classical" problems (switching off a PC connected to the console port, f=
example) but none of them was the issue.

=09Just when Sun has called me, Matthew Keen, Henrik Huhtinen and Aleksan=
Stolyar have told me that there is an issue with some Netra X1 machines, =
that Sun is releasing a patch. This problem, according to Sun, also affec=
some Netra T1 (newer model, I guess). The bugid for this is 4485525.

=09Matthew Keen added that the bug is related to clock drift and timekeep=
ing. I=20
was using ntp. In fact, I had to compile the source distribution of ntpd,=
because I could not get the Solaris ntp (despite applying some patches)=20
daemon to synchronize.

=09Sun has sent me a provisional patch (not packaged as a patch) to repla=
ce two=20


=09I have applied it to two machines, and now I am waiting for the result=
s. One=20
of my machines seemed to hang very often.

=09Manuela Menchi suggested a problem with powerd and the disk, but I alw=
disable powerd and other unnecessary daemons before putting a machine int=
production ;-)

=09Thank you for the help,

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