SUMMARY: ftp problem

From: Tabrez Shaikh <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 05:38:10 EST
Hi all...
All the responses I received pointed to the fact that
the problem might be with the router which may not be
able to establish the data connection (which is
initiated by the ftp server). This occurs because the
first connection by the client is on port 21 and the
second connection is attempted by the server on port
20. Mine is a simple NAT router and it does not have
the feature to support this. I had tried to put an
entry for port 20 but that did not work as the IP of
client is required..which is not possible to know! 
But everyone pointed out that passive ftp should work
and that most browsers have the passive mode by
default. This should be helpful.
Thanks a lot to the following who replied so promptly:
Larry Snyder
Paul Richards
Renny Koshy

Original question:
ftp connection (control connection) is established but
data connection fails, when trying to connect machines
on my LAN from outside. So nothing works!


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