Summary: Sun 280R vs 220R and new machines announcing next week

From: Ryan McEwan <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 01:33:09 EDT
I received many responses, most containing the same bits of information.
Most people said that 220's are Suns older slower machines.  In order for
Sun to sell new machines, they have to give an incentive.  Right now, that
means cutting price.  Even though these newer machines are faster, they can
be cheaper by only allowing them to run Solaris 8.  That way, they will
still sell 220's or comparable machines to those that cannot yet run Solaris
8.  As far as real world experience,  many people are running both 220's and
280's and like both.  280's seem to be stable and reliable.  Now I anxiously
await their announcement on monday.

Thanks again

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Subject: Sun 280R vs 220R and new machines announcing next week

> I just got a call from my sun sales rep regarding the new Sun machines
> are announcing next week as well as discussing 220's vs 280's.  Rumor has
> they are coming out with a 480 (4x750 MHz) cheaper than a 420 (450 HMz).
> am having a hard time understanding why the 280 (750 Mhz proc) is cheaper
> than a 220 (450 MHz proc)???  I understand that the 280's are only capable
> of running Solaris 8 and above whereas the 220's are capable of running
> Solaris 7 and I believe 2.6, but other than this, can someone please help
> understand this?  Also the 280's and presumably the 480 are going to have
> fibre channel drives vs scsi in the 220's and 420's.   Does anyone have
> experience between the 2 servers and likes/dislikes accordingly?  I am
> running now about 10 220's and they have been extremely stable, however if
> 280's are as stable and much faster and cheaper why not run them???
> Thoughts?  Insights?
> Thanks again
> Ryan
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