SUMMARY: dlt 7000 tape compatibility

From: Rick Francis <>
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 11:39:51 EDT

1. a dlt 4700 is a 4000 model tape drive as 20/40gb compressed.
2. a dlt 7000 supports 35/70gb compressed.
3. these two formats are incompatible.
4. using the /dev/rmt/0l driver, it is possible to write on a 7000 to be
read on a 4000.

thanks everyone.

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i've connected a quantum dlt 4700 to an e250 and can write and read to empty

but when i put a dlt 7000 tape from an e450 that has ufsdump data on it, i
can't read a thing...

can't a 4700 read a 7000 tape?? or do i have to modify /kernel/drv/st.conf
somehow? whattttssssuppp?

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