SUMMARY: ndd TCP parameters

From: Stuart Whitby <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 02:31:34 EDT
Original question:

> Does anyone know of a Solaris equivalent of HP's
> tcp_discon?  Or is there anywhere I can find a definition
> of each of ndd's /dev/tcp parameters?  So far, no luck in
> the manual pages.

There are two places to look for info on TCP parameters.
The first was suggested by just about everyone -  This is most useful
for those who want to find out how to tune tcp.  For those
who specifically want to know what each of Solaris' ndd
TCP parameters does, maximum and minimum values etc, the 
best place to look is and the
pages on TCP tuning under there (they're easy to find).

Sadly, there's no equivalent to tcp_discon, but thanks go
to the following list for their responses.  If I miss 
anyone, it's because I'm offline while writing this and
haven't received your mail as yet.

Matthew Hannigan,
Tajinder Panesar,
Pal Baranyai,
Aleksandr Stolyar,
Gary Losito,
David Foster,
Dave Miner,
Husik Hovhannisyan,
Yusei Nishioka,
Henrick Mortensen,
Greg Gallagher,
Andrew Wu,
and lastly, Kevin Buterbaugh, who rightly states:  
"Failure is not an option.  It's a standard feature of 
every Micro$oft product..." which made me laugh (the
funniest things are always based in reality).


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