SUMMARY UPDATE: Controlling/Modifying user environment with Modules

From: William Robertson <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 15:20:49 EDT
My special thanks go to: 

Mike McShane
Carsten B. Knudsen
Matthew Mauzy

To get all the information needed about the latest
modules, see the 'official' source:

My orginal question:

Some of you might be aware of a utility called
Modules. Modules is a utility that provides dynamic
modification of a users environment via modulefiles. 
Each module (or modulefile) contains the information
(path settings, environment variables, PATH, MANPATH,
etc) to run the corresponding application. So if you
want to use for instance a new application which is
not loaded in your environment, you can simply add (or
load) the corresponding module to your environment
with one of these tools.  Please see

This Modules utility worked great with our 50+ users. 
The problem we are having is that this utility uses an
older version of TCL which is not supported on some
type of systems (ex: Solaris on x86).  The Target
systems we are trying to run this utility on are:
Solaris on Sparc, Solaris on x86, Linux, and others. 
My question to you: Is there a newer version of this
utility that uses the latest version of TCL? Is there
a similar utility that can provide similar
functionality? I learned that there are some utilities
out there such as SEPP, Pack Distribution Project, GNU
Stow, The Depot Configuration Management Project, and
SFI Directory. Any one has any experience with any of
these utilities? Any suggestion is greatly

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