SUMARRY: Ultra 5 can't detect 2X20G hdisk on OS mode

From: c_cipan c_cipan <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 21:28:35 EDT
my question :

hi managers...

i came to this problem yesterday when i try to duplicate an existing boot
disk to another disk.

h/disk size = 20G X 2
Solaris 2.5.1

when i insert the new hdisk (primary slave) target 2, probe-ide return me 
with 3 target including CDrom. but when i boot up using existing Solaris 
2.5.1 that is already installed in one of the disk (target 0) when i type 
format it only showed me 1 disk detected.

then i used boot cdrom to boot the system up and type format. it showed me 2 
disk available. i am confius about this. using this boot cdrom i try to 
duplicate all the partion exactly the same size. i changed the vfstab in the 
new hdisk. after that when i try to boot up with disk1 (new hdisk) it can't 
continue boot up and show me that /usr which on c0t1d0s6 corrupted. i try 
newfs many time but this problem keep happen.

can anyone help me with this problem? if i get the solution i will

thanks a million ..

ayie @ c_cipan....

my summary :

thanks for everyone who reply...

many of them told me to do boot -r but this is not the cause of the problem. 
i have already done that before i posted my question here. but thanks for 
your opinion. one of them also (you know who you are) blammed me to posted 
question that already answered in FAQ which i believe that there is no 
question like mine.

until now i don't have any bright solution but i have done some adjustment 
to hdisk arrangement. before this i use disk0 as the primary and disk 1 as 
secondary. when i boot with disk1 (after duplicate) it showed me error /usr 
corrupted. then i switch disk1 became primary and disk0 became secondary. 
boot disk0 and boot disk1 with no problem.

so i am using this solution until i find any other way.


<br><br><br>ayie @ c_cipan....

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