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Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 10:21:27 EDT
Thanks to all who responded.  Rama Prabhala pointed me in
the right direction as to determine the root cause.  It
turns out the disk itself was bad.  The backplane, IB's and
Gbics were not the problem.  The following steps were how I
got everything working once I determined the problem.  

1.  Diable disk using vxdiskadm 
2.  Disable the disk on the array using luxadm
3.  Add the disk using luxadm
4.  do "vxdctl enable"  so vm will see the disk
5.  add the disk using vxdiskadm

Original Post:
Situation: Disk appears bypassed in luxadm

Hardware: E6500 w/A5200 FC Array
OS: Solaris 2.51 w/ latest recommended patches
Disk Management: Veritas VM 3.x

I came across this message on our A5200 FC disk array, when
running luxadm. I noticed when I run the format command that
I cannot find the A slot device in the list, but I do see
that the B slot device exists when I run the format

8 On (Bypassed: A) 20000020378f6fec

I am uncertain as how to deal with this issue. This disk
space is used as raw disk space for an Informix database.

We are using Vxvm 3.04 to manage the array. My question is,
what's the best procedure to re-enable A slot of disk 8 of
the FC array and not lose the data. This is a production
machine my window of opportunity is limited.
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