SUMMARY: E10K SSP v3.4 Failover

From: Darren Honeyball <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 17:16:35 EDT
Firstly, thanks to all who replied... This is the outcome of the problem...

After several phone calls with Sun support, and still not getting anywhere,
I finally found the problem, and it's a bug in one of Sun's scripts...
The nodename of the ssp was xxx-ssp1-uk-p, and the script uses the following
line (line 2932 of ssp_config):

typeset foo=$(egrep -l "^$(uname -n)$" /etc/hostname.*)

Which basically does a grep of uname -n from /etc/hostname.*. uname -n in
this case is xxx-ssp1-uk-p, and the hostname.* files contain
xxx-ssp1-uk-p-eri0, xxx-ssp1-uk-p-qfe0 etc so the match actually finds
multiple results, which make the next line:

typeset adapt=${foo##*hostname.}

fail. This strips of the hostname. part of the filename so you're left with
an interface.

So, I changed /etc/nodename from xxx-ssp1-uk-p to xxx-ssp1-uk-p-qfe2 and
rebooted both ssp's. After a few seconds, the virtual interface is brought
up automatically by the ssp software and everything is hunky dorey. (this
made the nodename unique, and thus ssp_config would only find one hostname.*

> Guys,
> I'm having trouble with the floating IP address in SSP 3.4 failover - has
> anyone got this to work?
> It doesn't seem to start the virtual IP on the main ssp on boot, and also
> doesn't move it across when you force a failover.
> Any ideas? Links to docs on setting this up?
> TIA,
> Darren
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