[Summary] What NICs will work in a PCI based system?

From: Kevin Colagio <kdc_at_rochester.rr.com>
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 15:52:00 EDT
Many thanks to:
	Ric Anderson
	Bara Zani

Here the summary:

>From Ric:
Go to
and in the left frame click "Solaris Sparc".  That will give you a 
drop down list.  From that clock on "PCI Solutions by Category" and
then look around for whatever kind of board you need.

>From Bara:
there was an exact question like thyis a week ago ,
look in the archives .
the one i know of is www.znyx.com

>From Arvinder:
Goto www.solarisresources.com This site has the URL's for all the sun
resoursce sites
and you would get there any info you want to have on SUN.

Thanks for the info...off I go to hit the web.

----  Original question  ----
I'm wondering if there is a site (or if anyone knows) what Ethernet cards
will work in a Sparc PCI based system (i.e. E450, Ultra 5/10, Sunblade,

Does anyone know who makes the cards that Sun resells?  I'm looking for a
single port card (I don't need a Quad Fast Ethernet card...just a single

Has anyone tried a card that is Solaris x86 compatible?  If so, has it

Thanks in advance.

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