SUMMARY: Veritas Cluster Server on Solaris 8 and NIC

From: Martynas Buozis <>
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 10:14:24 EDT
Hello !

My original posting was :

I have Veritas Cluster Server 1.3.0 running on Solaris 8 machines. I
have noticed one strange thing - when I am detaching network cable from
machine's NIC, which is configured as critical resource, VCS isn't
failing it and keeps green. I tested my configuration several times and
it should work as described in VCS manuals.

Thanks to John Kennedy, Ken Zachmann, Ryan McEwan, Alex Kamalov and
Rimantas Samulevicius for responses and suggestions, but only this one
from Frank DeMontier solved my problem :

"Are you in a NIS environment?? If so, any cluster members must be NIS
slaves and bound to themselves."

As I am really in NIS environment, so I made as I was told and
everything now runs fine.

Thanks again for everyone who responded.

BTW, why cluster server and NIC agent are dependent from NIS masters and
slaves ?

With best regards,
Martynas Buozis

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