SUMMARY: Process cleanup.

From: Tristan Ball <>
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 21:33:02 EDT
Folks, my apologies, I missed the relevent paragraph in the fcntl man page.
For those who pointed out the samba technical mailing list, thankyou, I'm
already there. :-)

The answer of course is that file locks *are* cleaned up when a process


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Subject: Process cleanup.

> Folks, what happens to fcntl file locks if a process dies unexpectedly?
> In particular, I have samba sub processes that die very occasionally,
> however they appear to be leaving files (.tdb databases) locked, which
> means the other processes on the system can't get the locks. This is
> whole series of problems.
> Sorry to sound rude, but I'm looking for "This is the answer, and heres my
> reference", not "I think..." answers. :-)
> If there's a better mailing list for this, or a book or anything else, I'd
> love to know about it.
> Will summarise.
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