SUMMARY: certification exams

From: Murat BAYRAKCI <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 10:44:01 EDT
	It is easy to find Sys Admin I and II exam practice tests but really
hard to find for TCP/IP. 
 Finally decided to purchase Boson Practice Test Software.   I can easily
say that it is pretty usefull and I
had benefit from it  . I passed the exam  and  can easily say that  at least
20 questions were quite close.. 
The URL is  

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From: Murat Bayrakci []
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Subject: certification exams

	Does anyone possibly know about any     sample  SCNA for Solaris 7
exam  ( 
not  like 10 question trial tests, I need something like 200 questions - 
satisfaction- ) ,   or  anything good to know,   as I 'm going to get that 
test tomorrow?

Really appreciate your  help..


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