SUMMARY:Interview questions for a sysadmin

From: comp question <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 23:13:04 EDT
Good God,
    After my summary posting, I received 200+ emails (no joke) asking for a 
copy of the the questionnaire that I plan on putting together.  Due to the 
demand I will post it on the NG as soon as I put it together.  Once I have 
it completed I will forward it out to everyone.  Thanks again for the help 
and please stop emailing me ;)

   First off thanks for all the replies to the questions (I literally 
received dozens).  There were a mix of ideas as to how to conduct the 
interview.  Some said make it difficult and tricky, others said just tech 
him on everything while others said forgo the heavy tech and give him/her 
some real life examples of problems in your environment or even hypothetical 
   It is good to see such a vast approach.  anyway, I ave a very good idea 
and think I will have a solid interview for the candidate.  Some had asked 
for responses, but there were so many that I can not possible post them all. 
  If you would like email me and I will mail you out a copy of the final 
draft I put together through the responses I received.  Thanks again to all 
who replied.

This topic may be a bit off but I was wondering if anyone had a set of
interview questions for a Jr. UNIX administrator.  We are in the stages of 
hiring one and I would like to get a set of questions for him/her.  If 
anyone has something along those lines or can think of relative questions, 
please let me know.  Thanks.

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