Summary: emc disks are too late

From: Thomas Rose <>
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 04:19:50 EDT

Original question:
> a E10k domain is connected to an EMC-Box through JNI Fibre Channel Adapter
> model FCW. During early boot the Veritas-VM starts before the EMC-Box and
> the domain finished negotiation. As a consequence, not all diskgroups can
> imported by
> the VM. My question is, wether there is any parameter (sd.conf,
> that speeds up negotiation (what ever is negotiated) between EMC and SUN.
> I would very much like to avoid use of "sleep" or use of a delayed VxVM
> start.

Most answers pointed to:
scsi_probe_delay = 5000;
in the file fcaw.conf and this works fine.

In addition I set
reset_glm = 1;
which was a hint from Veritas.

Many thanks to:
R. Marc Baldus
Darren Dunham
Derrick Daugherty
Jonathan Katz
William Hathaway
Chandrashekar Mani
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