SUMMARY: U2 Creator hangs while attempting a Solaris 2.6 install

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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 17:13:33 EDT
Well, it looks like I may have been bitten by either bad hardware, or 
hardware Sol 2.6 didn't like.  I suspect it is the latter, as we were 
using a DE Ultra SCSI card to connect the A1000 to.  

Thanks to Jon for the recommendation to run 'boot cdrom -v' (how 
quickly we forget those commands we don't use often) to watch what the 
machine is doing.  It complained about some piece of hardware needing a 
QLogix driver and stopped.  I pulled the two (now unused) S-bus SCSI 
cards and am now successfully installing OS on the machine.  Thanks 
again for shortening my day.  

Gene Beaird

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>Subject: U2 Creator hangs while attempting a Solaris 2.6 install

It has to be something simple, but I will be darned if I can remember.  
We didn't have this problem installing Solaris 8 on this box.  I have 
looked for similar items in the Archives, and only found one item close 
that summarized the question with another question, so I will ask mine 

We need to set up a U2 Creator to run an app that is certified for 
Solaris 2.6 only.  This particular machine has two internal 18 GB 
drives target 0 and 1, and an internal Sun 4X CDROM drive, ID 6.

This machine used to be a NFS server running Solaris 8 (still has 8 on 
the HDDS, until we can get Sol 6 installed, anyway).  

When we insert the CDROM and type 'boot cdrom' at the OK> prompt, the 
machine posts the system information and the disk it is loading from 
then hangs at the  'spinning hash mark'.  We have  tried using an old 
external Sun CDROM, and even tried typing in the path with no luck.  
What am I not doing?  Thanks for any information.


Gene Beaird
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Houston, Texas
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