SUMMARY: NFS and automount problem

From: sunmanager <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 15:10:28 EDT
Thanks to everyone's response... I think I finally got her behaving proper
like now :)

Original problem: 

 on server reboot, was trying to mount auto_direct maps from NIS server to
the machines' on share, thus creating a deadlock on the server and forcing
the directory to be inaccessible to anyone.

Thanks to 

 Mark McManus
 David B Harrington
 Ashraf Girguis

but Rik had the answer

to overwrite local automaps on any machine, check your /etc/auto_master
file for lines above +auto_master

i only needed to add the path of the local directory with the null

 /do_not_share_path    -null

and restart the automountd daemon

/etc/init.d/autofs start

worked like a charm :)

Thanks again.

Jeff Painter
Received on Tue Aug 21 20:10:28 2001

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