SUMMARY: Multiple Standard Output

From: Murat BAYRAKCI <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 10:50:55 EDT
 I got more than 21 replies in less than 20 minutes. ( I couldn't even see
query on my incoming sunmanagers mail list  , but started getting answers
after a minute  sending it ..  
Amasing isn't it? )

	" tee "  must be a well known program , so shame on me,  I guess..!

In my case :  

#  mkisofs blah blah | cdrecord blah blah  -  2>&1 | tee /mylogfile.log 

so that I can send the content of the log file as email and see everything
on the screen as well .

Thanks a lot people.. 


Hi managers,  

	I've been writing a script to automate cdwriting process for the
users.  Script is interactive and asking questions , 
ends up with cdrecord command,  after which you see output of cdrecord
program .  Interactive questions are fullfilling " cdrecord "  's optional

Anyway,  How would you make it possible seeing  the output interactively ,
at the same time you can redirect it
to a file or to a program like " mail " ..  ?

In other words; 

#    mkisofs blah blah |  cdrecord -v -eject speed=$speed4  dev=0,0,0 -data
-  |  Both Standard Output ( screen )  and also to a file

I should see what is going on during writing CD  but also want to send same
output via e-mail .....  

Thanks in advance , 
will surely summarise your answers...

Senior Unix Systems Administrator
ICN S SI @ Siemens AG
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