SUMMARY: Diskless Clients

From: Karki, Prabhat <>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 13:32:58 EDT
My question was:
Hi all,
Recently I took the SCSA part II test and one of the questions was 
like this " many diskless clients is a OS Install server set to
install by default.."
and the choices were "..2 or 3 or or 5..."
I couldnt understand the question and couldnt figure out the answer 
This was someting I never heard before.
Although I passed the test, the question is on the back of my mind.
Is it a valid question and if it is what is the answer??


Thanks to all, especially to Sid Wilroy and Todd Fiedler.

The correct answer is I quote Todd "..I believe the answer is 5. When
you install Solaris, you are prompted 
to tell it whether you need to support diskless clients.."
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