SUMMARY: error installing Oracle on Solaris 8

From: Jerry Brady <>
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 09:39:09 EDT
First let me say, my apologies for not finding some docs on this before I
ask this question on the
mailing list.  I received many helpful suggestions from:
Faizan Suri
Clayton Nash
Arun Gurung
John Leadeham
John Corcoran
Andy Townsend
Bobby Ramirez
Scott MacCabe

I went back to the installation cd, after reading all the kind and generous
replies, and found some
docs on how to set the system up before you begin the installation.  I am
now in the process of
doing this now, but I didn't want to wait to thank the people who helped me
get to this point.
I will be more careful to do this in the future.
Thanks again you guys
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