SUMMARY: gcc 3.0 question

From: Joe Ryals <>
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 14:38:00 EDT
Got a number of responses quite quickly (including one from a former
co-worker) . Basically, lsof has been pre compiled for 64 bit environments
which I have downloaded and also recieved some info on how to compile stuff
using the gcc compiler with the -mcpu=v9 option.

Thanks to all who responded

Joe Ryals wrote:

> Has anyone compiled gcc3.0 for 64 bit kernel or know of a pre compiled
> 64 bit version? I have an Ultra 10 with Solaris 8 running 64 bit kernel.
> I am trying to compile lsof which needs to be compiled by a 64 bit
> enabled compiler. I am not having much luck in compiling gcc3.0 for a 64
> bit cpu/kernel. Any tips would be appreciated.
> Joe Ryals
Received on Mon Aug 6 19:38:00 2001

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