SUMMARY: Can't ftp

From: Bill Fay <>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 09:21:10 EDT
Thanks to all that replied.  There was a split on what appeared to be the 
problem; /etc/shells or /etc/ftpusers.  I had already checked those and 
that was not the problem.  In fact, there was no /etc/shells.... so I made 
one, added the shell and it still didn't work.

The user was/is using "bash".  The passwd path to "bash" was /usr/bin/bash, 
but the users search started at /bin where there was also a "bash"..... 
there was the problem!  The path to the shell in password did not agree 
with the path search order in the users $PATH........
So the fix was to make the /etc/passwd shell path equal the users $PATH.

Again, many thanks.  I didn't even know about about a /etc/shells.
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