SUMMARY: Solaris 8 monitor suspension problem

From: Jeffery Small <>
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 13:01:53 EDT
Apparently, in Solaris 8 the X-server is now performing Energy Star power
management functions as can be seen by typing:

	xset q

My thanks to Dan Espen who was the first to point this out and showed me how
to solve the problem by issuing the command:

	xset -dpms

which can be added to the .xinitrc file to make it permanent.

Thanks to everyone else who provided valuable input.

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Original Message Follows:
I have just installed Solaris 8 on my SPARCstation 20 system and am having
a problem with my monitors automatically blanking and powering down.

This system is dual headed with two SX interfaces with an older 16"
Sun monitor and one of the most current 21" monitors that supports power
management.  I am running OpenWindows (olvwm) and using Jef Poskanzer's
old screenblank program to blank both screens after a 15 min. timeout
period.  I have power management disabled.  Under Solaris 7 this setup
worked just fine.

However, since installing Solaris 8, my 21" monitor keeps going into
power-down standby mode.  To make sure that this was not caused by the
Solaris power management program I have completely disabled the powerd
daemon so that it is not running and does not start at boot time.  I
have checked the OpenWindows properties and the screen saver is turned
off and I have killed off the screenblank utility.  I see no process
left running that I think could be responsible for this activity and
yet my 16" monitor still gets blanked and the 21" monitor keeps being
suspended.  Any ideas as to what could be doing this?  I'll attach a
list of active processes below [not shown here].  Thanks for any help
or insights you might be able to offer.
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