SUMMARY: Set up a bootp server

From: Owens, Blaine C <>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 08:08:52 EDT
We had a need to set up a bootp server for some network devices. I'm in
business now, thanks to:
Tim Evans
James Fowler
Bernt Christandl
Mark Lewis
What I wound up doing was:

1) Install the bootps package
2) Create the /tftpboot directory and files
3) Create the /etc/bootptab file
4) Uncomment tftp in inetd.conf
5) Create a rc2.d script to automatically start bootps on startup

It was suggested that I install dhcp instead of bootps which I am sure would
have worked great. I chose to install bootps instead because:
1) We already have dhcp servers in place to service our windoze devices
2) I found the bootps package first :-)
3) Since our current dhcp servers only service windoze stuff the term dhcp
reminded me too much of Micro$oft :-)

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