SUMMARY: how to get boot prompt on sparc 1+

From: Feng Qiu <>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 07:52:42 EDT
Hello, all,
Thanks for all response. Most of them said stop-a should work or try
CTRL-STOP-a also. The following three response give some more details.
It turns out that the default boot drive is sd(0,2,0), cdrom is
sd(0,6,2). The reason for stuck is the two disks ID are same which will
not response to stop-a.
Yes, it is terribly slow. I just want to play with some old toys. I got
a few of much fast Suns for real work ;)

"Kulp, Scott (Scott)" <>:

target 3 is default boot disk.  cdrom is sd(0,6,0)   or sd(0,6,2)  .  To

get to the ok  prompt at the '>' type an 'n'  and enter then you do
devalias and probe-scsi and setenv and alot of other stuff.
You got a speed demon there baby.

"Ricca, Paul" <>

The boot disk used to be set for scsi id 3.
If you get to the ok prompt try probe-scsi.
You know this won't run any modern Sun unix?
You might get linux for Sparc on it.
The other option is SUNOS 4.1.X
Perhaps Denibian or something else. I've never tried it.
Save these and look at them. They have some technicale
details you might want/need.
Bottom line it's really only suitable for a dumb terminal .

Yes, stop+a will work on your machine. The SCSI Id indicates the scsi
devide. For instance: you have one scsi bus, so you can attach several
devices like hard disks, cdrom, tapedrives... When your system is
adressing these devices it must exactly determinite which device it
should use. When you set two equal id's the data flow on the scsi bus
will crash because you try to access two devices at the same time with
the same adress. To determinate the id (first set auto-boot? = false)
a 'probe-scsi-all' at the ok> prompt and then a 'reset -all' (highly
recomendet !!) The probe command will show you all used id's
including these of your harddisks.
But normaly SUN set the boot command to the first disk so you'll not
have to
change it. Try to reinstall your OS. At the ok> prompt type: 'boot cdrom

-r' and follow the intall procedure. (-r will check all periphial
hope this will helps you

hello, all,
I just acquired a Sparc 1+. When turn on the power, after showed memory
size etc, then give the error message , like:
boot disk magic number is wrong
and stuck in there forever.
If I disconnect the disk, it will say the scsi device not found.
so a few question about this:
Which disk is defaut disk and what is the scsi ID?
Is stop-a work on sparc 1+ too?
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