SUMMARY:format does not recognise hard disks

From: vasilis iliadis <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 03:57:35 EDT
Sorry for the late summary!!

Thanks to all who answered!! 
Ryan A. Krenzischek []
Vipin Sharma - EDS Datacenter Contractor [Vipin.Sharma@Sun.COM]
Konstantinos Aggelakopoulos - System Engineer - Sun Athens
Darren Dunham []
Shaghel []
Hallman, John []
Don Harris []

The suggestion was to issue drvconfig devlinks and disks or boot -r or
reboot -- -r
None of these worked because we had a problem with the rm6 software itself.
A reinstallation of the rm6 software fixed everything!

Original question follows:

I have an E3500 system with 6 CPU's, 3GB RAM and Solaris 7. The system has
attached an A1000 with
6 hard disk and is working properly. I added 6 more hard disks on the A1000
and executed the commands
drvconfig and disks. After that, format does not recognise these new hard
The strange thing is that rm6 software does recognise the new hard disks and
the old also.

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